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Our system is currently working.  However, you may experience delays/non-operation during times when homeowners require the system to be turned off to repair valves or the subdivision system needs maintenance.  Homeowners are expected to make repairs within 24 hours of discovering the issue.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.  Please contact one of your board members to turn off the system or Valley Property Management's emergency number (208) 685-9164.
Please find the watering schedule below.  Adherence to the watering schedule is imperative to maintaining adequate system pressure for all participants in the system.  Not setting your timers to the schedule and overtaxing the system will result in unevenly watered zone in your own lawn and in the common areas you pay to have maintained.  If your neighbor is not adhering to schedule talk to them about the importance of adhering to the schedule.  We are a community. Let's all participate as caring and considerate members of that community for the benefit of all.

Watering Schedule


Days  Mon-Wed-Fri Mon-Wed-Fri Mon-Wed-Fri Tue, Thurs, Sat Tue, Thurs, Sat Tue, Thurs, Sat Tue, Thurs, Sat Tue, Thurs, Sat Tue, Thurs, Sat Tue, Thurs, Sat
Times 5 pm - 7 pm 7 pm - 9 pm 9 pm - 11 pm 12:01am - 2 am 2 am - 4am 4 am - 6 am 6 am - 8 am 8 am - 10 am 10 am - 12 noon 12  noon-2:00 pm
Apsley-5160 Macumbo-12540 Apsley-5222 Macumbo-12252 Billabong-12284 Macumbo-12314 Apsley-5176 Lachlan-12476 Apsley-5198 Lachlan-12398
Apsley-5240 Macumbo-12880 Billabong-12362 Macumbo-12342 Billabong-12344 Macumbo-12454 Apsley-5346 Macumbo-12336 Apsley-5298 Lachlan-12438
Billabong-12390 Staaten-4780 Billabong-12542 Macumbo-12482 Billabong-12524 Macumbo-12514 Billabong-12306 Macumbo-12426 Billabong-12318 Lachlan-12588
Billabong-12560 Staaten-5050 Dalrymple-12262 Macumbo-12572 Dalrymple-12324 Staaten-5034 Billabong-12376 Macumbo-12596 Billabong-12448 Macumbo-12248
Dalrymple-12350 Staaten-5190 Dalrymple-12392 Staaten-4802 Dalrymple-12444 Staaten-5124 Billabong-12496 Staaten-4746 Billabong-12568 Staaten-4768
Dalrymple-12420 Staaten-5320 Dalrymple-12432 Staaten-5022 Dalrymple-12554 Staaten-5274 Dalrymple-12306 Staaten-4826 Dalrymple-12288 Staaten-5088
Dalrymple-12490 Walcott-4950 Dalrymple-12522 Staaten-5102 Highlander-12514 Walcott-4974 Dalrymple-12366 Staaten-5076 Dalrymple-12378 Staaten-5168
La Grange-12410 Willandra-4900 Highlander-12472 Staaten-5132 La Grange-12434 Willandra-5174 Dalrymple-12406 Staaten-5146 Dalrymple-12548 Staaten-5248
Lachlan-12350 Willandra-5150 Highlander-12542 Staaten-5202 Lachlan-12334 Woodmurra-12524 Highlander-12436 Staaten-5226 Dalrymple-12558 Staaten-5388
Lachlan-12540 Willandra-5200 La Grange-12332 Staaten-5372 Lachlan-12564 Willandra-4892 La Grange-12366 Staaten-5346 La Grange-12348 Woodmurra-12556
Macumbo-12350 Woodmurra-12500 La Grange-12422 Walcott-5012 Woodmurra-12562 Willandra-4802 La Grange-12456 Walcott-4996 La Grange-12518 Willandra-5286
Woodmurra-12550 Lachlan-12312 Lachlan-12512 Lachlan-12376
Days Tue, Thurs, Sat Tue, Thurs, Sat Tue, Thurs, Sat Wed, Fri, Sun Wed, Fri, Sun Wed, Fri, Sun Wed, Fri, Sun Wed, Fri, Sun Wed, Fri, Sun Wed, Fri, Sun
Times 5 pm - 7 pm 7 pm - 9 pm 9 pm - 11 pm 12:01am - 2 am 2 am - 4am 4 am - 6 am 6 am - 8 am 8 am - 10 am 10 am - 12 noon 12  noon-2 pm
Billabong-12261 Lachlan-12391 Lachlan-12473 Apsley-5153 Macumbo-12315 Apsley-5165 Apsley-5197 Macumbo-12277 Apsley-5239 Lachlan-12379
Billabong-12381 Rockhampton-12351 Macumbo-12253 Apsley-5273 Rockhampton-12375 Billabong-12345 Billabong-12307 Rockhampton-12397 Billabong-12319 Lachlan-12539
Billabong-12451 Rockhampton-12531 Rockhampton-12363 Billabong-12283 Rockhampton-12515 Billabong-12425 Billabong-12497 Rockhampton-12467 Billabong-12399 Macumbo-12249
Billabong-12561 Staaten-5051 Rockhampton-12443 Billabong-12363 Staaten-5085 Dalrymple-12305 Dalrymple-12287 Staaten-5027 Billabong-12539 Rockhampton-12369
Dalrymple-12321 Staaten-5131 Staaten-5033 Billabong-12523 Staaten-5145 Dalrymple-12495 Dalrymple-12367 Staaten-5167 Dalrymple-12379 Rockhampton-12489
Dalrymple-12441 Staaten-5201 Staaten-5193 Dalrymple-12343 Staaten-5275 Highlander-12425 Dalrymple-12477 Staaten-5247 Dalrymple-12439 Staaten-5039
Dalrymple-12521 Staaten-5371 Staaten-5223 Dalrymple-12393 Walcott-4995 La Grange-12305 Highlander-12477 Staaten-5317 Dalrymple-12549 Staaten-5119
La Grange-12341 Walcott-5041 Staaten-5343 Dalrymple-12553 Walcott-5245 La Grange-12545 La Grange-12287 Walcott-5017 Highlander-12439 Walcott-4949
La Grange-12451 Walcott-5141 Walcott-4973 Highlander-12513 Willandra-5295 Lachlan-12365 La Grange-12377 Willandra-4677 La Grange-12269 Walcott-5179
Lachlan-12311 Willandra-5271 Walcott-5033 Highlander-12543 Woodmurra-12525 Lachlan-12435 La Grange-12407 Willandra-5227 La Grange-12319 Walcott-5279
Woodmurra-12553 Walcott-5213 La Grange-12353 Willandra-5283 La Grange-12473 La Grange-12517 Woodmurra-12557 La Grange-12559 Lachlan-12333
La Grange-12433 Lachlan-12347 Lachlan-12511
  After reviewing  the water allotments and the time schedules, we are revising the water schedule to get each owner another 30 minutes of watering time. 
  We ask that each of you please check the time for your property and make these adjustments as quickly as possible, in order to get your additional time and so 
  the right number of homes are on each time period and the schedule will work effectively. 
There will be an overlap time between 5 pm & 8pm where owners and common areas will be watering at the same time. 
We have ordered additional water to accommodate the overlap use bewtween the owners & common areas. 





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