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The Board Members are in the process of updating this website.  As of May 4, 2016, at this year’s Homeowner Meeting, there are new Rockhampton1 Board Members. Dale Miracle and Fred Geijsbeek have stepped down as board members after 4-5 years of service and have agreed to be advisors for the new HOA Board.

The Board is responsible for ensuring adherence to the community's Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, and Easements (CC& R's), coordination of annual meetings, regulation of the community irrigation water system, and control of the community financial spending. The Board works closely with Valley Property Management Company to ensure our community maintains its appearance within budgeted guidelines.  


If you have a  NON-EMERGENCY but need to contact the police department, the number that you may use to contact the Ada County Sheriff's Office should you see suspicious activity, etc. is 377-6790.  When you call this number, you will be put on hold; do not hang up and call back as you will be put to the bottom of the call queue.  If you do need to contact the Ada County Sheriff's Office with an EMERGENCY, call 911.  When contacting either number, be as specific as possible with as much information that you can gather without putting yourself in danger.  Information may include: type of car, license plate, identifying features, last direction the person/car was traveling, what the person was wearing, height of the person, hair color of the person, number of people, and time and place of the incident.

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